Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey readers! My name is Cheryl Gracia Trisnadi, but you can call me Cheryl. Here are a few things you might like to know about me. I love to draw ( especially doodling), listen to music, play my guitar and the piano, watch movies, and of course, read.
Reading is the reason why I write. I remembered reading a book called " How to Kill a Mockingbird", and I loved it. But the book that really inspired me to start writing is a book called "The Mysterious Benedict Society" by Trenton Lee Stewart. I borrowed that book from a friend when I was in grade 5 for a program called SSR (a program that encourage students to read for 25  minutes everyday). When I first opened the book I thought "Ugh...a book with hardly any pictures in it and 500 pages thick.". But  as I read, it was very hard for me to stop. I was in awe of how the author can describe the situation as if he was in that situation. I also loved the fact that the author put many tricky and odd riddles in the book for the characters in the book to solve. I brought the book everywhere I went and re-read the book so many times that i remembered the story by heart. That book encouraged me to write, so I did. First in the back of my Math Exercise notebook, then on my Facebook statuses. My friends told me that I should make a blog, but I refused to do so at the time because I was too lazy to do it. So, I write as a personal hobby , something I don't show off to a large amount of people, just my friends.
The reason why I make this blog is for a writing enrichment class in my school, and also to fulfill a suggestion from my friends that I once rejected. I named this blog " Bubble Blower" because when I was little , I love to blow bubbles. I used to love watching the pretty and clear bubbles float high in the sky. I love to blow bubbles so much that I made a nickname for myself which is " The Bubble Blower". I named this blog after my childhood hobby because I think it is very catchy and random. I hope you'll enjoy this blog.

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