Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a few things that makes me smile

rainbow colored pancakes.

Adorable alpaca plushies

confusing bookmarks

nice scrapboards

awkward pics of your friend

colorful hula-hoops

group huddles

awkward poses

and of course, epic light saber battles.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Avatar The Legend of Korra

As we all know, the beloved nickelodeon TV series "Avatar the Legend of Aang" have ended. Kalo anak Lauren denger "Aang" pasti kebayangnya guru MIE yang rada rese, Ms. Ang. Tapi kasian sih.. dia suka kayak di-bully murid-murid Lauren because of her name. Long story short she's no longer a teacher in Lauren. It was unclear whether she quit or got fired. Anyways, I think that Aang is awesome. Siapa sih yang gak seneng sama the avatar? Pasti banyak lah yang intrigued sama the art of element bending (PS: I've always wanted to be a fire bender). Dulu tuh inget banget sore-sore buka nickelodeon cuma buat nonton the series. My favorite character is Zuko. I know that he was the villain, tapi he's... interesting. Terus akhir akhirnya dia jadi baik *yay!*. Terus Appa juga sooo cute. Kayak bantal terbang gitu. Tapi sometimes good things come to an end. I haven't watch the movie based on the series, tapi kata banyak orang gak bagus. Terus katanya mau dibikin yang kedua. I hope jadinya bagus and gak dissapoint orang-orang yang suka sama seriesnya.

   Nah, jadi ternyata the producers of the series made a prequel, judulnya "Avatar, The Legend of Korra". Once I knew this, I quickly watched it online. Ternyata emang bagus seriesnya. Nah jadi ceritanya itu years have passed since Aang defeated the fire nation. Aang and his team made a world where semuanya live together. Sebelomnya kan mereka kepisah-pisah gitu, fire benders di Fire Nation, water benders di Water Tribes, air benders di Air Nomads, earth benders di Earth Kingdom. Sekarang semuanya gabung, terus capitalnya tuh Republic City. Avatar Aang passed terus reincarnated jadi the next avatar, a water bender dari the Southern Water Tribe namanya Korra. Korra ini a seventeen year old girl yand di train to master the 4 elements. Terus di seriesnya ada Katara (udah tua), trus ada flash images of the grown-up avatar gang.
The one who teach Korra air bending tuh anaknya Aang sama Katara, namanya Tenzin. Tenzin tuh an air-bending master and the representative of the Air Nomads in the United Republic Council. Si Korra pengen banget diajar sama Tenzin tapi Tenzin harus kerja di Republic City, jadi Korra ikut. Di sana dia ketemu guys about the same age as her, brothers Bolin and Mako. Bolin sama Mako itu orphans dan buat biayain hidup mereka compete in a game called pro-bending. Nama teamnya mereka the Fire Ferrets. Terus buat qualify to the next round mereka butuh 3 members (1 earth bender, 1 fire bender, 1 water bender). Bolin earth bender, Mako fire, terus team-mate mereka dulu yang water bender quit. Long story short akhirnya Korra jadi the replacement. Si Mako tuh pertama-tamanya rada rese, tapi sebenernya dia sama Korra itu lovers. Pokoknya seru, I encourage you guys to watch it.. here's the trailer

Terus yang kerennya kita bisa liat the avatar gang all grown-up.. Agh mereka yang dulunya masih kids, masih lucu"nya sekarang dah grown up :'D

Color Me Katie

Her name is Katie, Katie Sokoler. She's a photographer, and she's 25 I think. She is an adult, but she's not the typical adult. She wears pretty sundresses and cute shoes everyday, and she decorates her apartment with her crafts. She's an adult, yet at heart she's still a child. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Moo, and she has a boyfriend named Matty. Together, they have fun adventures and make people smile. She is a very inspiring person, and I want y'all to visit her awesome blog

My Muse (Sort Of)

Hem.. Kayaknya I never post anything on this blog yang pake bahasa indo. So now I'll post in indo ( sebenernya gak pure indo sih, gado-gado sama english). Apa salahnya sih, post pake bahasa sendiri, daripada pake bahasa korea. Ih korea. Sebenernya sih korea yang annoy me itu cuma entertainmentnya doang, makananya mah mouth-watering. Anyways, one of the reason I post in indo is because my grammar sucks. Ha, yes, sometimes I avoid risks. Tapi emang, my grammar is very bad, even my english teacher told me so. Jadi the reason I post this is to tell you about my inspiration waktu nulis "Don't Look Back". 
   Nah, judul ceritanya itu sebenernya bukan Don't Look Back, tapi.. well, I haven't thought about it yet. Cerita ini tuh terinspirasi dari none other than my dream. Well, actually it's a nightmare. Jadi waktu itu aku mimpi waktu demo tentang kenaikan BBM di Indo itu mengakibatkan a revolution. Jadi sebenernya udah dari jaman dahulu waktu Indo memutuskan menjadi negara demokrat, ada kumpulan orang yang mau jadiin Indo negara komunis. Trus demonya itu kayak memercikkan the spirit of revolution. 
   Long story short akhirnya Indonesia dijadiin negara komunis, dan pemimpinnya itu a group called "The Orion Alledged". Nah mereka tuh maunya semuanya tunduk sama mereka, kayak how the North Korean citizens are to their emperor. Jadi murid-murid di sekolah harus setiap pagi berdiri and recite this weird poem about them, trus harus belajar tentang history mereka, pokoknya hampir kayak worship them. Terus I disagree, and as a result banyak yang ikutan pengen memberontak against the Orion Alledged. Nah, the government saw me as a threat terus they want me to suffer psychologically, so they killed off everyone I loved. It was horrifying, watching my friends and family being murdered one by one. Fortunately, I woke up when my *ehm*.. friend was murdered (cara matinya ditombak, serem pokoknya). Terus penyebab dari my nightmare itu none other than one of Suzanne Collin's book, Catching Fire. Gara gara that dream I could feel what katniss felt (sort of), and it was terrifying. I wouldn't be surprised if Katniss jadi insane. I have read the whole trilogy and emang endnya itu gak happy. Tapi emang the whole story is not made to be cheerful, tapi lebih ke violent, harsh side of this world.

Ch. 1 part 1 Don't Look Back

      I could feel my heartbeat ringing in my ears. I ran faster. My knees were weakening from fatigue. "I can't stand it anymore," I thought to myself. My body wanted to stop but my brain wouldn't let me. Into the woods I went. The low branches from the trees scraped my skin, but I didn't care. I had to run away. I knew the woods so well, yet now it seemed unrecognizable. It almost seemed like a painting. A painting I once knew so well, but unreal. Everything from my past now seemed unreal.The past, which seemed so familiar, which I couldn't go back to. I kept on fighting the urge to look back. I knew that things would never be the same ever again.
    "Don't look back," I told myself. I need to run away from it. I shook my head once the thought came rushing back to my head. I couldn't look back. No, I could never look at it ever again. The burnt building that was once my home. My room, the kitchen, all ruined. I couldn't stand the thought, especially the body that I knew should be buried under the ruins of my house. I would rush back to him if he hadn't told me not to. 
     But I can't. I should obey him. But now he's gone. My stepfather. Dead.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

As some of you might have known, I made this blog for one reason and one reason only; to get good marks for my writing enrichment class. My teacher, Mr.Yudi, made us post our assignments on our blogs so he can score them. I hated posting stuff on my blog. I saw it as a task, an obligation. During the summer holiday, I barely post stuff on my blog, but I did post some stuff nevertheless. That's when I realize something that I didn't before; I love to write. And because I love to write, I can never stop posting stuff on my blog. So now instead of posting corny and boring assignments from Mr Yudi, I'll be posting what I want to post. So I guess this is some kind of rebirth of my blog. I changed my blog's url so that it'll be off limits for my teacher, and I promise that I'll post stuff as often as I possibly can.


Something really bothered me today. I felt sick, terribly sick, like as if somebody punched me in the gut. It was that awfully familiar feeling I felt not so very long ago, when I moved to Santa Laurensia Junior High. How I hated that feeling. Of being alone, unfamiliar. I felt as if I was the wrong puzzle piece in the picture. That feeling of missing what I left. In these times I wished that I can go back to the past and undo everything, just to prevent that horrible feeling. But what I realized was that everything don't always turn out how we wanted it to be, yet it turned out just right. If I were to go back to the past and undo moving to Santa Laurensia, would I? Of course, a year ago I would undoubtedly do so if I had the ability to, but now? If I didn't went through what I did, I wouldn't have met my friends in grade 7. I wouldn't have been in 7B. I wouldn't have invented Ranjit, and I wouldn't have been a member of the BPSer. I wouldn't have gone to Kidzania with my friends and release the burglar from his prison cell(in return, he would give us money). I wouldn't have joined in the wonderfully warm family of the Student Council of 2012. All of that happened because of that one decision I made last year which I thought was a mistake. Now, I won't go back in time, undoing that decision even if they pay me. I have no regrets whatsoever moving to Laurensia. And I know that I won't regret graduating from grade 7 and moving to grade 8 later on.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Here is a poem from Apple's ad, Think Different. I post this for the people out there who felt discriminated, unaccepted. People who are called "freaks" and "weirdos", people who eat their lunch alone, people who are different from others.

"Here's To The Crazy Ones. 

The misfits.

 The rebels.

 The trouble-makers.

 The round pegs in the square holes.
 The ones who see things differently. 
They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. 
You can quote them, 
disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them.
About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. 
Because they change things. 
They push the human race forward. 
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who DO !"

I know many people who are often teased because they are different. I want them to know that being different is not a flaw, and that they should never regret being different. Being different is a gift. People who have the imagination to think of ideas that goes against what we were taught, going against the status quo, is pure brilliance. Because people who change our world break the rules. And I want "the crazy ones" to know that they are able to change the world. "Because people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world-are the ones who do."