Tuesday, July 17, 2012

As some of you might have known, I made this blog for one reason and one reason only; to get good marks for my writing enrichment class. My teacher, Mr.Yudi, made us post our assignments on our blogs so he can score them. I hated posting stuff on my blog. I saw it as a task, an obligation. During the summer holiday, I barely post stuff on my blog, but I did post some stuff nevertheless. That's when I realize something that I didn't before; I love to write. And because I love to write, I can never stop posting stuff on my blog. So now instead of posting corny and boring assignments from Mr Yudi, I'll be posting what I want to post. So I guess this is some kind of rebirth of my blog. I changed my blog's url so that it'll be off limits for my teacher, and I promise that I'll post stuff as often as I possibly can.


  1. well,at least u write on ur blog without being asked now.its all good in the end =D

    ~a corny and boring teacher

    1. well i sense that it is now useless that i changed my blog's url ^^" hahhhhha it's your assignments that are boring, not u.

  2. haha i think i told u how ss continued their blogs themselves after joinin the club,and they could do it way better.my job is done... =)

  3. no u didn't! um, yay? but u told me my blog was "ok" hahhha.. have you checked nadia's blog?

    -a former student