Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Something really bothered me today. I felt sick, terribly sick, like as if somebody punched me in the gut. It was that awfully familiar feeling I felt not so very long ago, when I moved to Santa Laurensia Junior High. How I hated that feeling. Of being alone, unfamiliar. I felt as if I was the wrong puzzle piece in the picture. That feeling of missing what I left. In these times I wished that I can go back to the past and undo everything, just to prevent that horrible feeling. But what I realized was that everything don't always turn out how we wanted it to be, yet it turned out just right. If I were to go back to the past and undo moving to Santa Laurensia, would I? Of course, a year ago I would undoubtedly do so if I had the ability to, but now? If I didn't went through what I did, I wouldn't have met my friends in grade 7. I wouldn't have been in 7B. I wouldn't have invented Ranjit, and I wouldn't have been a member of the BPSer. I wouldn't have gone to Kidzania with my friends and release the burglar from his prison cell(in return, he would give us money). I wouldn't have joined in the wonderfully warm family of the Student Council of 2012. All of that happened because of that one decision I made last year which I thought was a mistake. Now, I won't go back in time, undoing that decision even if they pay me. I have no regrets whatsoever moving to Laurensia. And I know that I won't regret graduating from grade 7 and moving to grade 8 later on.

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