Tuesday, February 7, 2012


   People in the society are all different. None of them are exactly the same.Being different makes us stand out. It makes us memorable(could be your race, your looks, talents, weakness, or strengths). It is okay to be different because being different makes you unique, and that can contribute to the society or others (but not negative differences like drug addicts, etc). Sometimes, our differences are seen as weaknesses amongst the society. Differences can also be your strengths.
   Some people are proud of their differences, while some are ashamed of it. Some people embraced their differences, while some even made their weaknesses into strengths. The society needs originality to invent a new future, something different than the usual. Some people (especially teenagers), are afraid to show their differences. They are afraid to get teased or bullied by others because they are not jocks, and they are different from other teens. Well, if they are afraid to stand out, they might as well be staying in the shadows. If originality is banned from the society, everything will become boring. People who are great are different from the others, for example Barrack Obama (the first black American president), Kenny G ( a deaf musician), etc. All those people embraced their differences and worked hard to achieve amazing things.
   So, it is okay to be different because it can contribute to the society, it will make you more memorable, and you can acheive amazing things if you work hard and embrace your differences.

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