Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Different Ways to Learn

 Education is a very important factor in our lives. Since we were young, education has been a part of our lives. Learning is important, and everyone has their own way of learning. Some teaching methods may work on one student, but that does not guarantee the other students to learn well with that method. Environment and people also effect the learning process. To know more about people's opinion on how a learning process should be, I interviewed Lina (student), Joan (student), and Tricia (student).

What do you think about the way teachers teach you in class so far?
"Most teachers and their teaching method are boring," Joan said.
"I think it's okay," Tricia commented.
How does he environment of the class effect the learning process?
"The classroom's very hot, and it made me lost my concentration,"Joan complained.
"The class is messy and it's very disturbing," Tricia said.
How does the people in the class effect the learning process?
"I can't concentrate in class because the other students are noisy," Tricia said.
"The people in class don't really effect the learning process," Lina stated.
In your opinion, how should the people and environment be to make you comfortable learning in class?
"The students should listen to the teachers and be quiet, and the class should also be neat and tidy," Tricia said.
"The students should be active and calm, and the class should not be hot and stuffy," Joan said.
In your opinion, how should the teachers teach you in class?
"The teachers should teach us using Power Point presentations and also tell jokes in the class, like Pak Eko," Tricia said.
"The teacher should not preach to much and find creative ways to teach us," Joan said.

  In general, some teachers still teach in a not interesting way, although some teach us in a fun and effective way. The hot and messy class also made the students lost their focus. The noisy students also disturb the learning process, although some people aren't effected by the other students in class. To make a learning process more comfortable, the students should be active and quiet, and the class should be tidy and not hot and stuffy. The teachers should teach using Power Point slides, tell jokes, don't preach too much, and find creative ways to teach the students.

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