Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Truths and One Lie

Dear readers, I have 3 stories about myself, two of them are the truth, while one of them is a lie. Identify the story that is a lie!

First story
When I was a third grader, I joined an english class every Thursday afternoon in my old school (SDH). My mom encouraged me to join the class because my school was a bilangual school, and she thought it would be best for me to join the class so I can learn in my school better. So, every Thursday after school, I would go to the classroom where the English class was held, and I would meet some of my friends from school. During the class, we were forbidden to speak in Bahasa in any circumstances, so we commuicate in english everytime. The teachers (some I recognize from school although they never taught me before) would teach us new vocabularies,grammar, writing strategy, reading strategy, and sometimes, we would watch movies in English.We would be assigned to read, write and speak in English. I had a lot of fun there, and the classes had improved my english skills. I stopped taking the classes until I was a fifth grader, and I have no regrets whatsoever joining the english class.

Second Story
When I was six years old, I would play every afternoon in my neighbour's front yard. One warm afternoon, my friends and I were playing tag in the front yard. I was not so sure how it happened, but when I was running around  one of the pointy ends of the metal fence that surrounded my friend's house got caught inside my stomach. I was very shocked, and so were my friends. They ran to my parents to get help right away. I pulled my stomach off the fence and bit my bottom lip out of pain (and also to hold myself from screaming). The pain was excruciating, my shirt was covered in my blood, and I felt my knees weakening. The wound was deep, but not too deep that it could damage my internal organs. My friends brought me to my house. My mom quickly washed the wound with soap and water (the pain was unbearable that I had to bite my dry lips until they were bleeding), and she gave me some medicine and wrap the wound with a bandage. She told me to lie down, so I did and watched a Spongebob Squarepants marathon for the rest of the afternoon. I was absent from school the next two days, which was the best part about my accident.

Third Story
My older sister used to play the violin. But since she graduated to SMA 3, she can no longer manage her time to practice the violin. The violin was abandoned for months, until my parents thought that it would be nice for me to learn the violin. I was not very thrilled about the idea of learning the violin, but my parents insisted, and that was the end of the discussion. I joined a violin class in Willy Soemantri every Friday evening. On my first class, I dragged my feet on the floor and dreaded the very idea of entering the classroom. But of course, after waiting a few minutes on the couch, I was called by the teacher to enter the classroom. We introduced ourselves, and she told me her name was Mega. She seemed nice, and that carried a bit of weight off my shoulders. She taught me basic things about the violin, and when the class ended I became interested in violin. Until now, I still take violin classes and I enjoy it even though it made my bones ache.

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