Thursday, June 28, 2012



   Once, a long time ago in a town called Thornton, lived a young man named Charlie Browning. Charlie was a marvelous magician, entertaining people in an average theater downtown. Every weekends he would entertain people (mostly kids) in the theater, pulling rabbits out of hats and whatnot. He loved to watch the glee in people he entertained, especially children. The smiles upon the children's faces were one of the many things that Charlie loved. The one Charlie loved most was none other than his wife, Lucy Browning (whom he loved more than life itself). 
  Charlie lived a life that knew no sorrow. His salary enabled him to afford a nice home and live comfortably with the person he loved most, but he always felt like something was missing. Charlie soon found out what was missing, and the answer was children. He had always been fond of children, that one day he and Lucy decided that they should have a baby. Lucy did eventually. Charlie and Lucy were thrilled, and they have prepared a nursery for their child to be. 6 months had passed, and one day Lucy felt an excruciating pain in her stomach. Charlie took her to a witch doctor . The witch doctor told them that Lucy can't bear a child in her womb, and made them choose which one do they want to keep alive, Lucy or the baby. Charlie insisted that Lucy should live, but Lucy couldn't bear the thought of losing her own child. The couple argued for a very long time, until eventually Charlie won the argument. The witch doctor gave Lucy an elixir that will make the heart of the baby consume it's body until it ceased to exist (the witch doctor didn't tell the newly-wedded couple that, for it will most likely horrify them). With her eyes brimming with tears, Lucy reluctantly drank the elixir. Lucy swallowed the liquid, and suddenly Lucy felt a searing pain inside her stomach. 
    Then, a flash of events happened all at once. Lucy screamed at the top of her lungs. The witch doctor drew back in surprise and knocked down a shelf full of bottles. Charlie leaped to his wife, desperately trying to help her. 
   Ever so suddenly the room fell silent, and Lucy fell into Charlie's ready arms, unconscious. Charlie realized the horrifying truth . Not only did the screaming stopped, but  Lucy's heartbeat had stopped as well. Charlie cradled his dead wife, unsure what had gone wrong. He cradled his dead wife, desperately trying to avoid the truth; that she was gone. "Lucy," Charlie called softly. "Lucy please don't go.." he cried. Still cradling Lucy in his arms, Charlie looked up to the witch doctor pleadingly, hoping that he might know how to bring Lucy back to life, or at least tell him what had gone wrong. The witch doctor just shook his head with sympathy . He knew what Charlie didn't. The elixir didn't only made the heart of the baby consume its flesh; it consumed Lucy's heart as well. 

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