Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Dilema (part I)

“Home, finally,” Sophie Newman said. She looked at her twin. Josh Newman returned Sophie’s gaze. He nodded. The twins were standing in front of their Aunt’s out dated victorian house. Sophie was about to ring the old fashioned bell attached to the big white door, but she hesitated. For the last couple days, the twins’ lives had been turned upside down. Ever since the magician Dr. John Dee destroyed Nick Flemming’s (who was really Nicholas Flamel, as the twins discovered Nick’s past ) bookshop, nothing seemed real. The twins discovered that the friendly man who owned the petite bookshop was an alchemist. Flamel invented the Elixir of Life with the help of the book of Abraham the Mage. The twins discovered that Nicholas was older (much older) than they thought he was. He looked like an average fifty year old man, with cheap shirts, worn out jeans, a cheap wristwatch on his left hand, and worn out shoes, yet he was actually 623 years old. The immortal man was wanted by his former apprentice, John Dee(a magician and an immortal human), who had been chasing (and hoping to kill) Flamel and his wife, Perenelle. Dr.John Dee had stole the book of Abraham the Mage from Flamel’s clutches, but unfortunately for him Josh still had a couple of pages from the book that Dee desperately needed. Dee managed to kidnap Perenelle ( an elegant and very powerful sorceress who was also Flamel’s wife), and held her captive in Alcatraz , and Dee soon discovered that he was no match for Perenelle, and that maybe Perenelle was more powerful than the legendary alchemist. Perenelle escaped with help from the Elder Aerop-Enap. Unfortunately, Scathatch ( Flamel’s friend who admitted that she was a vampire, and was also known as “The Warrior Maid” and was no younger than 2000 years old .), was still trapped with Joan of Arc (the wife of Nicholas’  friend, Saint Germain, and also the warrior from France) in a mythical world set up by Nicollo Machiavelli ( a powerful Italian magician who was Perenelle’s nemesis and had been working along with Dee to capture Flamel, his wife and the twins). They also discovered that before humani ruled the earth, the world was ruled by Elders until the fall of Danu Talis (better known as Atlantis), where the Elders lived and ruled, which the legendary twins (Sun and Moon) destroyed. Some Elders decided that it was time for human race to rule the world, but other Elders ( who were also called as the Dark Elders) longed for the world to be under their feet forever. They needed the book of Abraham the Mage (which they had, since Dee stole it from Flamel during the bookshop incident), but unfortunately for them they were a couple of pages short. The Twins of Legend as written in the book of Abraham the Mage was also a threat to them. The twins had also fought some mythical creatures, and they had met people(well, immortal people) that they thought were dead ages ago, like Joan of Arc and Shakespear the Bard.
   Most of all, the twins discovered that they were the Twins of Legend as written in the book of Abraham the Mage (“ the two that are one, the one that is all,”). Flamel knew that Sophie and Josh were the chosen ones since Josh worked in Flamel’s bookshop. Sophie had been awakened by the Witch of Endor( who was Scathatch’s grandmother), and Sophie was also given all the Elder’s memory and knowledge when she was awakened, while Josh was brought by Dee and Machivelli to the Dark Elder Mars Ultor to be awakened.and had been given a gift which Josh had not discover. Sophie was awakened before Josh, and now she had learnt the elemental magic of Air, Fire, and Water, while Josh who had been awakened after Sophie had only learnt the elemental magic of Water.
     A lot of unbelievable things had happened in such a short time, and the twins need some time to face the truth, which was that they have to save the world. Nicholas and Perenelle allowed the twins to go home for a couple of days to rest.
    Sophie crossed her arms in front of her chest. “What should we tell Aunt Agnes?” she asked.
“Hmm.. That Nick Flemming is an alchemist and we are the twins of legend that are destined to save the world from the grasps of the evil Elders? I don’t think so, Soph,” Josh said sarcastically.
Sophie inhaled and exhaled slowly. She hate to lie to her Aunt Agnes, but what else can she do? She reached out her hand and rang the doorbell. The twins heard the sound of footsteps from the other side of the door. There was a pause, and the twins knew that Aunt Agnes was looking through the peephole.
“Hey Aunt Agnes… It’s us,” Josh said. Josh and Sophie could hear the sound of the key turning and in split seconds they were led in the house.
 “Where have you been? Do you know that your parents are very worried? Why didn’t you call? Why didn’t tell me specifically where you were?” Aunt Agnes asked sharply. The twins’ parents are archeologists and they left the city for work.
“We were with Nick Fla-Flemming and Perry. We stayed in their house in the dessert for the last couple of days. We’re very sorry that we made mom and dad worried,” Sophie said. She had been memorizing that line on their way back from London incase circumstances like this happens.
“Explain to me why you didn’t call your parents?” Aunt Agnes asked.
“There was no signal there, and I lost my phone,” Josh said, which was technically true.
Aunt Agnes was about to open her mouth to ask another question, but she was interrupted by the sound of deep, slushy footsteps. Suddenly the house was filled with the sickening smell of a snake, which the twins knew well was the smell of the dreaded Italian magician’s aura, Nicollo Machiavelli.
“They found us,” the twins said in unison.
The doors were shattered to pieces by large mud-like creatures known better as the golems( creatures made from mud and dirt controlled by Machiavelli himself). There were about 25 golems that entered the house, and Sophie quickly pressed the tattoo on her wrist (given by Saint Germain) and a silver glove made from fire formed around her hands. The strong smell of vanilla ice cream filled the air(her signature aura), and Sophie punched one of the golems in the stomach. The golem fell to the floor and it turned to a puddle of mud and dirt. Aunt Agnes screamed with fear and fainted on the sofa. Josh carried Aunt Agnes from the sofa and locked her in the bathroom in full speed without traces of surprise. He knew that something like this would happen anytime. Sophie continued fighting the golems. Josh wished that he had Clarent (the legendary sword of fire) was with him. He can’t help watching his twin fighting with all her might while he stood there not doing anything to help. Josh picked up his dad’s golf club , and he formed a golden translucent glove appeared around his hands and the golf club. The sweet smell of oranges was in the air, blending with the smell of vanilla ice cream. With all of his might, Josh ran towards the group of golems and used the golf club like how he used Clarent. He knocked down four golems at once, but there was more golems coming towards them. Josh created a blade made from water and swiftly cut the golems in halves.
Sophie wiped her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand. She felt her energy drowning away from her fingertips. She had fought many golems, but there were still many more.
“Josh we have to run!” Sophie shouted. She felt her legs weakened from the fatigue.
“We can’t Soph! What are we going to do with Aunt Agnes?” Josh replied while he fought more golems.
“Bring her with us!”
“But where are we going?”
“Flamel’s bookshop. We have to run Josh, NOW!” Sophie shouted.
Josh nodded. He shattered the bathroom door and carried Aunt Agnes (who was still unconscious) out. Sophie formed a shield made from her aura to protect her brother and her aunt. Josh formed a golden glove around his hand, and he hit the solid wooden door that shattered to pieces. They ran out from the house. Josh saw a taxi cab parked in front of an apartment. Josh punched the window of the cab with his hand and switched the lock. “CLIMB IN!” Josh instructed. Sophie climbed in, while Josh sat on the driver’s seat and laid Aunt Agnes on the backseat. Josh used his aura to start the car. He stepped on the brakes “Hey!! My cab!” shouted the taxi driver who tried to catch up with the car.
“Sorry!” Sophie shouted from the window.
“Are you sure?To Flamel's?” Josh asked his twin incase she changes her mind.

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