Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Places that make me happy:
  • The library in my old school. Every Thursday, my class had a library class. We would be given time to read, and I would sit with my friends and read "A Series of Unfortunate Events", while listening to the soft patter of the rain outside. It made me feel safe and cozy, and I wish I can stay there as long as I can.
  • The hill beside my old house. There was a hill beside my old house where tall coconuts tree grew. My friends and I would use a stick to get the coconuts. We would cut them open, put ice cubes in it, and drink them down. Everytime I spend time there I would feel happy, and suddenly all my problems dissapeared along with the coconuts that we ate.
Places I would like to go:
  • Greece. I would love to visit Greece someday with my friends when I am older. I would love to visit the ancient ruins like Parthenon and photograph them. In my opinion, Greece is a very interesting country, I have always been fascinated by the ancient culture there, since in my old school, the teachers taught me about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and from what I have learnt, I knew that this country is very interesting.
Things in people which I like:
  • Their laughter. People have different laughs, and most of the times their laughter would describe their personality. Some are loud, some don't even make a sound. When people laugh with joy, I would laugh with them.
Things that worry me:
  • Pop Quiz. I hate it when teachers gave a quiz without telling me before, especially if the lesson is my least favorite. I like surprises, but when it is involving academic grades, well, not so much.

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