Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Indonesia !!!!!

  I, as a proud citizen of Indonesia, am here to congratulate my beloved country on its 67th birthday. 67 years ago, we fought for our independence, seeking for freedom and to stand on our own. Through blood, sweat, and a planned kidnapping of our first president and his vice, we earned our freedom.
  67 years ago, our first president stood in front of his house and read the proclamation of our independence. The proclamation was a declaration, a decleration of  Indonesia's freedom. It was also a promise to our citizens. It promised that we would no longer be under the hand of other countries. We will be independent, standing alone yet together.
  Years and years we thirst for our independence. 67 years ago finally got it. The people back then had fought just for us, the future generations, so that we can enjoy Indonesia as an independent country. But independence is not the end of it, our country needs to grow and develop. Our people must unite, just like our motto ; Bhineka Tunggal Ika. It means that even though we are all different, we are one. Are we, the future generations, ready to carry on the legacy of our country? Have we citizens apply Pancasila in our lives? I am still very young and still short of knowledge, but I strongly believe that we have not.
 Our first principle, Believe in the one and only God. To me, this principle also means that we must appreciate other people's religion that are different from ours. We must not force people that has different beliefs to believe in the God that we trust. And yet, many church in Indonesia are still burned down by people who held different religions. Many people are still discriminated because they hold different beliefs.
  Our second principle; Just and civilized humanity. Our citizens violated this principle almost every time. As a child from a middle-class family, I lived peacefully and did not get to experience the harsh side of this country (thankfully), yet I've heard and read about poor people not getting rights they deserve because they don't have the money. For example, crime department in this country seldom bother to catch the killers of the poor people in this country who died because of murder. Learning this fact about my country made me realize how cruel this country could be. I've always thought of our crime department are like those seen in movies, trying their best to catch the killers of the murdered victims in their country. But in reality, our crime department ain't Horatio and his crew.
 Our third principle, The unity of Indonesia. This principle is clearly written down and read to us during flag ceremonies, yet sometimes we completely ignore it. We still diffrentiate people by their race, their skin color, their culture, and many other "criterias". People held wars just because of this issue. Like for example Perang Sampit. Citizens of Indonesia in Kalimantan killed each other because of their different ethnicity. They chopped off the heads of their enemies and lay them out on their front yard with pride, forgetting that those severed heads belong to their own brothers and sisters. Is that what we call unity?
    These are only a bit of deeds that had violated Pancasila, and believe me, there's so much more. I conclude that citizens of Indonesia knows the principles of Pancasila, but they don't bother applying them in their daily lives. I hope that in Indo's future's birthdays, our citizens will try their best to apply Pancasila's principles. Nevertheless, I am still proud of my beloved country, and I would like to congratulate her on her 67th birthday. I love you Indonesia :) MERDEKA!

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