Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just another dream..

Dreams. Dreams are confusing, and most of the time whimsical. Some dreams you forget, some just sticks in your head.
  I had a dream. I was walking in the garden of my old house, when suddenly the earth beneath my feet cracked open and it literally swallowed me whole. I fell down, down, down into the gap. But the peculiar thing was; I was falling slowly. As I fall down I heard a tune. A tune so familiar yet unrecognizable. 
  I fell to the earthen floor with a thud. I looked around, and found nothing. The ceiling suddenly changed its color from dark brown to caribbean blue. What once was a ceiling became a large group of tiny bluebirds, flying towards me in an orderly manner. It carried me, high up into the hazy pink afternoon sky. 
  I heard the tune again, but this time, it sounded like it's coming from a music box. The bluebirds seemed to explode into a burst of colorful confettis, decorating the sky. And yet again I fell down, and out of nowhere an umbrella appeared in my hand. I opened it, and I floated in the sky, and gently dropped down to the ground below. I found myself in a beautiful yet whimsical garden. The grass was a soft shade of magenta and the trees were peppered with what looked like vermillion watering cans. Under the shade of a brightly colored turquoise tree was a simple wooden swing hung to the branches with ropes. Grape vines grew around the rope, twisting and circling around it. I approached the swing. As I did, the tune grew louder and clearer, and when I sat on the swing, the tune turned back into a hushed lullaby. Curious, I started to look around to find the source of this tune. I walked and walked, until I found a gigantic bird's nest. I seemed to have lost my conscience for I idiotically climbed into the ominous looking nest. The tune grew louder, and I finally found the source of the music. A lady, with ice blond hair that was tied into an ornate hairdo, eyes blue and sparkling under the afternoon sun, and very light porcelain skin in a dainty baby blue satin dress was carrying an orb made out of clear glass. She seemed to be floating down in a pink tuft of cloud, carrying the orb which was the source of the tune. 
    It was strange that I did not feel scared, even though in reality if a strange woman floating on a cloud approach me I would probably freak out and throw my shoe at her. Instead I felt relaxed, as if I was floating on a cloud myself. The lullaby soothed me as it traveled from the orb into my ears. It encircled me, and it seemed to lift me up into the air. Up into the moon I went, climbing up the satellites as if they were a staircase to the moon. I stepped on the moon.  It was very different from the moon that really exists. Its surface was glowing a soft shade of yellow. Its surface was smooth and polished. Slowly, deliberately, I walked around the moon. I found an oddly shaped chair made out of wood, and I sat on it as I watched the universe beyond. I spotted a sailing ship which seemed to be floating in the starlit sky. There were two occupants of the ship, and one of them waved at me. I waved back, and the shipped sailed towards me. As the ship came closer, I found that the occupants were a boy and an old man. They offered me a ride so I took it, and we sailed into the mysterious yet lovely sky of the universe. The tune came again. It faded as the ship and sky  do so as well. Then I woke up, and the dream was over. The lullaby. It sounded so familiar, and I knew that if I look hard enough  I might find it. So I did, and this was the lullaby:

close your eyes as you listen to this, and empty your mind. 
Dream away, no one's stopping you..

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