Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Something I Wanna Share

      On August 15, my school's student council had a meeting held in school. The plan was to discuss about a proposal (not a marriage proposal that is). Well something occurred and we couldn't get into the student council office, so we called Ms Ira (our adviser and my former biology teacher) to unlock the room. Long story short, she opened the door and *voila*, the office was in a huge mess. Everything was scattered around the petite room, and we found things that shouldn't belong there like clothes, toys, books, and a lightsaber. Ms.Ira was not pleased (I mean, who would?) by the mess, and she asked us to clean the place up and organize the things. Ms.Ira said that the stuff would be going for donation. We lifted box after box outside and collected the scattered items. That's when Joan, Putrie, Nadia, and I "discovered" the hidden truth; most of the stuff we found aren't bad at all..
 cute bags Joan and I found.
 Sorry for the inappropriate language ^^"
 Too bad it's not my size :P
   whatever this item is, i like it :)

Oh I almost forgot! Outside the office, we found a weird green monster puppet, and Joan said that it looks like Putrie.
the green puppet-like thing. I didn't see the resemblance, back then..
now i see it :'D

As we organized the jumbled mess, we found more and more adorable stuff. These stuff we add to our wish list.

 This is definitely going in joan's wish list
 some cute tops we found..
     Most of the clothes we found were shared among us, taking turns using it and paying a quarter of the price that it should have been. It was all a good bargain and we were very satisfied.

 Nevertheless, they were second-handed items and not all of them are nice. Some of them are horrible, and to the donation box they will go!
 we found this weird power-puff girls apron-like thing.Ms.Ira told us that those stuff are beach outfits.
 Not all of them are bad, joan's keeping the suspenders and i liked the vest..

           This made my dad laughed so hard, but spending much time with ravelto made me immune  to his hilarious-ness.

We found clothes in a hopeless place~

Conclusion: Project get awesome second-handed stuff with a good bargain accomplished.

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  1. Cheryl, siapa aja yg ikut?
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